Witches Sabbath Pt. 2

By bugbee fashion house (other events)

Sat, Apr 29 2023 9:00 PM PDT Sun, Apr 30 2023 10:00 PM PDT

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Walpurgis 2023 - LOS ANGELES - CALIFORNIA -

April 29th thru April 30th

Your ticket is good for both days.

This event will run all night and into the morning of April 30th

Devilishly Delicious: The Witches Sabbath Returns to Raise Hell and Honor Stanton LaVey

LOS ANGELES, CA - Prepare to indulge in a night of adult debauchery, and sensuality as the second annual Witches Sabbath descends upon a top-secret location in downtown Los Angeles on April 29th and 30th. Hosted by the infamous Shane Bugbee, the last person made a high priest by the founder of modern Satanism, Anton LaVey, and Stanton LaVey's beloved wife, Sharon LaVey, this event promises to be the ultimate celebration of life and all things wicked.

The Witches Sabbath is a non-denominational event that welcomes all practitioners and beliefs, so come as you are and embrace your inner darkness. This is a party for adults only, so be sure to bring your ID and leave your inhibitions at the door. We will be conjuring up a night of revelry, music, and deliciously forbidden pleasures that will leave you begging for more.

But that's not all. On Sunday, April 30th, we will gather to celebrate the life of our demon brother Stanton LaVey, who has gone on to the great abyss. Join us for an unforgettable evening as we live life to the fullest.

Sharon LaVey will be in attendance to honor her legendary husband and guide us in a ritual that will awaken the darkest corners of our souls.

Don't miss your chance to be a part of this unforgettable event. The Witches Sabbath is back, and it's hotter than the last. Get your tickets now and join us as we raise Satan and honor the legacy of Stanton LaVey.

About Shane Bugbee: Shane Bugbee is a provocative artist, writer and filmmaker whose work has been featured in numerous publications and galleries around the world. He is the last person made a high priest by the founder of modern Satanism, Anton LaVey, before his death, and has been a leading figure in the Satanic community for over two decades.

Shane will be releasing his new book at the event, you can pre-order at the link below. All preorders come with an original work of art, signed by the author.

Unlock the secrets of the Satanic Temple with Shane Bugbee's explosive new book, "SEX, LIES & USEFUL IDIOTS... FOUNDING OF THE SATANIC TEMPLE - THEIR SECRET BEGINNING EXPOSED!" As the last person chosen by Anton LaVey to represent modern Satanism, Bugbee speaks with authority on the subject of Satanism. As a mentor to Doug Messner a.k.a. Lucien Greaves he speaks with the knowledge to tell the true story of the Satanic Temple's deceptive practices and propaganda. Why did Lucien Greaves, Bugbee's longtime protege and co-founder of the Satanic Temple, hide his mentor's role in the organization's creation? With raw honesty, Bugbee reveals the truth and exposes the lies that have been propagated for a decade. Featuring original writings and comments from Karla LaVay, Stanton LaVey, and Peter H. Gilmore, as well as rare correspondence between Anton LaVey and Bugbee, this limited presale edition is a must-have for anyone seeking to uncover the truth behind the Satanic Temple. Order now to receive a signed, hand screen printed book-plate LTD to 666, and a hardcover limited to 99 copies.



21 and over event.